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Dear Minister,


I feel the need to express to you my thoughts regarding the present state of the "one" universal church of Jesus Christ.


For the Fellowship of World Christians to be effective in its mission, which is to assist those who already are or intend to be used by the Lord in full-time ministry, we must be clear as to the mind of the Lord in His Ministry of reconciling all things in heaven and earth unto Himself.


The challenge we all face in life and ministry is to overcome the fear of implementing change when change is the only thing that will achieve the intended results. Naturally, as human beings, we are not easily given to change, but are more intent to keep treading the old well-worn paths. These familiar paths ultimately could become a traditional rut that could very well hinder 'the power of knowing' what God is intending to do.


It doesn't take much insight at the start of a new millennium to perceive that the old order of 'doing things for God ' is about to give way to the "new world", of simply being a vessel through which the Lord will ' do things for Himself ', as He sees fit. As simple a statement as this might be, the task of implementing it is monumental in its outworking. I liken it to turning a large ocean liner around, which is going full steam ahead... it will take a lot of time, patience, and resolve.


As ministers, called and ordained by the Lord to feed His sheep, we must individually hear Him calling us, usually in a small, still voice, to walk, as did Father Abraham in his dispensational day, away from all that was familiar to him, and look for a city whose builder and maker is God. He left behind his natural religion, natural family and business ties and all that was so familiar to him, and took the first faith steps towards a new country and way of life.


I too heard that voice calling me out of that which was familiar. Around 1994 I was pastoring a successful 'Word of Faith Church' in London when, during the Sunday morning sermon, I was literally stopped in my tracks by the Spirit of God. I went into a time of intercession, right there on the platform, and knew that it was not I praying but, rather, the Holy Spirit was praying through me in unknown tongues, the language of the Spirit. I felt as though I was outside my body watching what was taking place and at the end of these moments of intercession the Spirit spoke to me, as clearly as one would speak to someone on a personal level of conversation, and said 'I am releasing you to the 'New World'.


When I eventually regained myself, finished my sermon and sat down, my wife, Denise, asked me, "What did God say to you?" My answer was, "I think God wants us to go to America", as that was the only "New World" that came to my mind. To cut a long story short, we, like Abraham and Sarah, left the pastorate and, with it, 13 years of building a church and Bible school, to step out of everything that was familiar and comfortable and proceeded to relocate simply on the voice of the Lord.


Seven years later we could honestly say that the "New World" was revealed to us, not as a geographical place but a new spiritual consciousness. It's taken the Lord a long time to turn the ship of our lives around, and for us to understand what he wanted us to see. It's been an arduous, painful but necessary journey to point us in the direction consistent with His will in these exciting last days. Through it all I now see that the message of "Christ in you, the hope of Glory" which Paul the Apostle called ' the mystery 'must be preached to all nations for the obedience of faith.


In closing, I am of the mind that the Lord is speaking to His church of the "One Body" to come out of the system of religion which is, 'men doing their good intentional works for God to gain and sustain His acceptance of them'. Many sincere Christians are fed up with the steady diet of works related sermons, and are eager to hear life giving sounds coming from the pulpits, about Christ alive in the believer as their life their only life and only hope of Glory.


A message of grace without adding aspects of 'The Law' is indeed a rarity today, but the time is at hand when men and women who are called into full-time ministry will begin to rise up and challenge the legalists, as did Paul the Apostle when he challenged the Judaists. What we are looking at here is whom the Lord marks out, as those who said they were Jews and were not, but who were the synagogue of Satan; the adversary’s attempt (sadly! too successful) to Judaize the Church. Paul also confronted Peter, who took an about turn on received truth, when some of the bigwigs from the large assembly in Jerusalem turned up at one of the grace filled meetings.


Another challenge for us today is to provide vehicles, in this case FOWC, which will accommodate ministers from all denominational and non-denominational backgrounds, without the strings of legalism to pull us together. If this letter speaks to you, and, as a minister of Jesus Christ, you desire the fellowship without bonds or impositions put upon you, please fill out the application form and become a part of this vision.


Michael Bassett

President FOWC

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