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The following is a portion of a transcript of the LEADERSHIP TRAINING & MANAGEMENT MATERIALS 'brought to the table' in the FOWC.net Members' Area by HAMPSTEAD BIBLE COLLEGE.


1. List the Symptoms of the problem

What are the indications that you have a problem?
Get all the evidence into the open. Maybe you will discover that it is not a fact, but just a symptom, but that's okay, write it down anyway.

2. Determine the real problem

Do this only after you have gathered a reasonable amount of evidence or complaints. Study the evidence carefully. Ask yourself which is the most critical? Which is the most valid? Why do these symptoms exist? What caused them?

3. Gather the facts of the problem
Until now you have gathered what you called symptoms or evidence while you determine what the real problem is. Now go on a fact finding hunt. Look at your list carefully and separate facts from symptoms. Those that relate to the issues are the facts of the problems. REMEMBER. You will never get all the facts, but get as many as you can in the time available. Be sure to write down the facts. You will need them later on.

4. Define your expectation of benefits to the church
Ask yourself these three important questions:
a. What do I want to gain by solving this problem?
b. How will a decision help the main purpose of the church?
c. What effect will this have on other parts of the congregation?
Notice that these three questions have the church goal in view, not the personal desires of the administrator. The inner work relationships in a church are always in delicate balance. If your decision calls for a change in one part of the organisation, it will most certainly have some effect on the other departments. Again, define your expectations of how this decision will benefit the church.

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