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The following is a portion of a transcript of the ministry by Michael Bassett as he shares from his experience of changing church structure during Session 1 of the Accra, Ghana Fellowship Of World Christians Ministers' Meeting in April 2004.

"I started to think how about turning the 'pyramid' upside-down. A pyramid is a hierarchy. How about instead of me being the 'chief', how about me being the chief-servant! How about me changing this I thought - well, sometimes we have a lot of zeal but not a lot of knowledge and how we go about things can spiral out of control, in fact I upset so many people I upset my own pastoral team.

No-one could understand how to operate anymore, because you'll find most powerful ministries are built on a pyramid. Whether you call that a pope or senior pastor, there's one at the top and then you get the different levels. So what you are creating is a power base and then people start climbing this ladder for power. That's where you have the struggles of head pastor, associate pastor etc. and then you go on holiday as a senior pastor and when you come back you no longer have a church - you're out! There are take-over's because of the very structure that is in place - it's a pyramid.

The logo of the church back then of Victory Church was an inverted pyramid. God must have put that there; I didn't even know. My whole thing was to get the whole pyramid turned upside-down. It's not about Pharaoh getting as many slaves as he can to build his big edifice. That's not ministry. However you want to interpret that is up to you - but it's not about building big anything today, that's not where God's heart is. It's not about big churches or big status, it's about people being built up big on the inside; it's not about big numbers, it really isn't!

I'm speaking as a minister, and I know every minister wants to see his church grow and multiply - it's normal, it's natural - but it's how you build that's important. Again I find out that if I read my bible I'm supposed to be content no matter what. Whether I'm ministering to fifty people or to five thousand people - I'm supposed to be content with whatever God has allowed me to be involved in that moment. It doesn't mean it's going to stay like that, but it might, so I've learned not to murmur or to try to get God to do something through whatever means at my disposal - that's called self-effort. So, I began to turn the pyramid upside-down".

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