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Fellowship of World Christians


For more information try our F.A.Q.'s page. If you need help
contact Member/Applicant support by emailing: info@fowc.net

Now you can carry proof of your credentials...right in your wallet! ordination ID card.  This credit-card sized ID includes your name, the name of your ministerial org. and other important information that communicates to the public your status as a member of the clergy.  Useful at hospitals, courts/jails...anyplace that proof of credentials may be required.  Get yours today!

For FOWC Ordained ministers and for licensed or ordained ministers with other organizations:



We all count on other people in nearly every area of our life. This mutually dependent relationship is part of God's plan. There is a need for the minister of the Gospel of Christ to be both called and anointed of God, but also to be connected to a group of peers characterized by integrity, accountability and credibility. Unlike some denominations which might be controlling, FOWC gives ministers the ability to function with the unction and not be given orders from central office. With FOWC, you can be both independent and connected, and have the important spiritual and legal covering. FOWC members are submitted one to another, and through this submission a strong sense of accountability is formed. People fellowship for a variety of reasons including; ministerial credentials, a sense of belonging, spiritual counsel, friendship, and because they believe that a united effort often accomplishes more than solitary action. We extend the hand of fellowship to both the seasoned minister as well as to those having just stepped up to the threshold of their ministry calling.

FOWC offers Personal Credentials for:

A. Those who are applying for ministerial licensing credentials or who are already licensed and are applying for affiliation as a Licensed Minister.
B. Those who are already ordained and are applying for affiliation as an Ordained Minister.*

We feel that the process of ordination is best left to the local church or to those who are better acquainted with the individual minister. To be recognised as an ordained minister, you must have been ordained by the laying on of hands by the leadership of your local church. However, FOWC can, under certain circumstances, assist in the ordination process.

FOWC offers Ministry/Church Credentials for:

D. Those who are the ordained senior minister of the church/para-church ministry they are putting forward for Ministry/Church affiliation.**

Applicants who put forward their ministry/church also receive Personal Credentials and should already be ordained. If you are not ordained, you can be licensed though FOWC and after one year, subject to requirements and review, ordination is available, at which time your church can receive affiliation as well.

This Fellowship provides avenues to use the knowledge and experience of others to better enhance your ministry. While there are areas of similarity in most ministries and churches, there are also areas of expertise unique to the individual and individual ministries. We cannot all be experts in every aspect of the Christian ministry experience, but your ministry's "lack" may be fulfilled by networking with expertise of others. Read a sample.

Proof of ministerial status is a requirement today for many governmental institutions and other public facilities. Ministers who travel today, especially those in an evangelistic ministry who travel as a missionary need identification like never before because of the terrorist threat. In addition to driver's licenses and passports, ministers can provide their FOWC Minister's Card when they travel through check points and through passport controls. Authorities can check online and see that you are part of a global ministerial fellowship. There is much more strength in numbers and FOWC is an example of how powerful online communities can be.

To help promote fellowship and meet the needs of the ministry, various fellowship functions are conducted. As we grow, we are working towards holding an annual FOWC Ministers' Meeting in every country where FOWC has Members. These Ministers' Meetings provide a place for ordinations and FOWC members, as well as non-members, with a wonderful opportunity to come together, get acquainted and receive from the Spirit of God. Read an excerpt.

Special Visitors Permits are availble on request to paid up FOWC Members for travel to the UK.
(There is a Home Office and administrive fee for this service)

A B C A Christian Helper's/Licensed Minister's/Ordained Minister's card
(stating annual FOWC membership). 
A B C A Personal Certificate of Recognition.
    C A Certificate recognising your ministry/church affiliation with FOWC.
A B C A Ministerial Profile including your photo online at FOWC.net.
      A Christian Helper Profile including your photo online at FOWC.net.
A B C Discounts available online and access to Ministerial Resources in the FOWC.net Members Area.
A B C A 5.5 MB email account (your name@fowc.net).
  B C Personal Web site hosted by b-onweb.com (Plan 1) (One- off charge of £15.00 set-up fee)
A     Authorisation to perform all ministerial functions, although stipulations may apply in certain states and countries where the solemnization of marriages and funerals are concerned.
    C The ability of the FOWC Member church/ministry to receive 50% off any joining fees of additional ministers of the said church/ministry, during the minister's un-expired membership period.
    C Authorisation to use the FOWC logo on stationery, signs and other communication.
    C Assistance incorporating their ministry/church and acquiring all necessary U.S. tax exemptions.

( 'A' = Licensed Minister'; 'B' = Ordained Minister; 'C' = Ministry/Church)

Many Christian Ministers are aware of the apostasy that is already upon us as prophesied will occur in the last days. Many will leave these apostate church institutions and systems of religion and will need a Bible based affiliation, which has core beliefs based on biblical prophecy and biblical truths, where they can receive licensing and ordination credentials. As FOWC maintains the integrity of the Word it will draw many ministers of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to an embrace and give them the support they will need to carry out their individual giftings and callings.

To be affiliated with the Fellowship of World Christians will not require that a minister must agree with us on every doctrinal point. At FOWC Meetings, in online material and in newsletters we simply give out what we have received and what we know by revelation - which we believe lines up with the Word of God. We're not trying to 'convert' ministers to our way of thinking. The Fellowship Of World Christians is based upon people being born-again who want a relationship with other ministers, it's as simple as that. We won't stop talking to you if you do not agree with what we have to say regarding the Doctrines of Jesus Christ - willing rather to dialoque and open to correction if we have strayed from the truth. It is necessary to come to place like FOWC.net and the FOWC Ministers' Meetings where we can express our opinions and discuss issues, if we don't the people in the churches will.

U.K. Registered Charity Number: 1050760

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